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Hey there, I’m Dan Bird!

Before I started The Dan Company, I was just a guy with a love for music and a knack for fixing things. I took a leap in 2010 and set up shop in the basement of my East Nashville home, offering a mix of construction, painting, and general handyman services. That humble business was the start of something truly special.

As word got around Nashville about the work we were doing, we outgrew that basement and moved into our own office in 2019. It was a big step for us – and a sign that we were doing something very right.

Today, The Dan Company is a full team of experts and craftsmen. We’re known for our quality work and client-focused service, whether it’s a new build, a high-end remodel, or a small touch-up. Thanks to our VIP service approach, we’re able to meet construction needs of all sizes and still treat each project like our most important job. Above all, we’re committed to quality, integrity, and making sure you’re thrilled with the work we do.

Thanks for considering us for your project. We’re looking forward to building something great together.

All the best,

Let’s build something great together.

Our General Contractor and Construction Services include:

Custom Homes
Kitchen Remodeling and Renovations
Bathroom Remodeling and Renovations
Detached Additional Dwelling Units (DADUs)
Light Commercial Construction
Small Projects/ Handyman Services
Historic Renovation
Outdoor Living Spaces
Garages and Carriage Houses

Core Values


At the heart of our company, we cherish our employees and their families. Ensuring their well-being and success is paramount. We strive to alleviate their worries and create an environment where they can thrive.


We believe in giving back to the vibrant Nashville community. Our commitment extends beyond our walls as we invest in the people around us.


Our foundation is built on unwavering integrity. Honesty, transparency, and dedication to what is just and right define our values. We uphold these principles in every facet of our business.<//>


Our open-door policy ensures that conflicts are addressed promptly. We not only resolve issues but also empower each member to take ownership of their actions and embrace personal and professional growth.


We understand that unity is our strength. Whether we’re pursuing shared goals or resolving differences, collaboration is our guiding principle. A divided house cannot stand.


Respect is the cornerstone of our interactions. We aspire to be empathetic, kind, patient, and attentive in every exchange. It’s through these actions that we demonstrate respect for one another.

Valuing Others’ Time

Respect extends to time. We honor each other’s time commitments, as well as those of our clients and subcontractors. Punctuality and meeting deadlines are non-negotiables in our dedication to respecting time.


Clear and timely communication is the lifeline of our success. We believe in immediate, transparent communication with all relevant parties, whether it involves changes in plans, financial matters, or conflicts amongst our staff.

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The Dan Company Building with Integrity logo in blue and grey
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