Our History & Team

Since 2010, The Dan Company has provided Nashville, Tennessee with high-quality home remodeling and general contracting services. We specialize in additions, full gut and remodels, historic renovations, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, master suites, screened-in porches, decks, handyman projects, custom carpentry, and more!

Building with integrity is our top priority. As a seasoned team of professional carpenters, builders, and home remodelers, we approach each project with the utmost care and attention to detail. We partner with interior designers and architects to bring your home to the next level, ensuring you are informed at every stage with a streamlined process from start to finish. From single room remodels to expansive additions and beyond, we are here to help you craft a space that is uniquely you.

nashville home remodel including a kitchen remodel completed by nashville general contractor the dan company. featuring a kitchen island, marble backsplash and countertop, range hood, natural light, and interior design.
Business owner and general contractor for home renovations

Daniel Bird

Dan has been in the construction industry for over 25 years, cutting his teeth in the trades as a carpenter, painter, plumber, and all-around handyman. After years of traveling and fixing homes across the US from Alaska to Maine, Dan settled in Nashville in 2004. He saw the need for honest construction practices and wanted to build a haven for a talented workforce. With these goals in mind, Dan has created a better business model for his employees to have a career, not just a job, and he believes his customers’ needs and homes are sacred. Since founding The Dan Company LLC and receiving his General Contracting license, Dan has helped many clients achieve their home renovation dreams. When he’s not out in the field, Dan enjoys playing guitar  and spending time with his wife, Karen, and their four sons.

Office manager for Nashville general contractor, The Dan Company

Valerie Adams

Office Manager | [email protected]

Valerie brings a variety of experience to The Dan Company, from working in the service industry at high-end celebrity restaurants to teaching music on flute and piano. She got her start in the world of administration after starting her own business as a virtual assistant from the ground up. She is solution-oriented with a knack for organization and order, and loves to plug in wherever she can to help a business function as a well-oiled machine. She has an eye for design and is experienced in social media branding and content creation. Her best memory is marrying her husband, Brandon. Off the clock, you can find her hiking, cooking, or singing in their prog rock band, Proteus.

Client account manager for general contractor

Perry Lines

Client Account Manager | [email protected]

Born and raised in Austin, TX, Perry moved to Nashville in 2011 to pursue a music degree. In the process, she discovered her true passion for psychotherapy. Now, as a board-certified music therapist and licensed marriage and family therapist, she feels right at home working with our clients to ensure their experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Perry enjoys interacting with our clients, whether it’s scheduling an initial estimate appointment, helping to coordinate meetings, handling contracts, or general troubleshooting. She loves seeing clients happy and ensuring they have the best experience possible with The Dan Company. She loves walking, writing, art, spending time in nature, and eating plenty of ice cream. Perry is proud to be part of a team of hardworking, dedicated, and genuine individuals.

Administrative assistant for Nashville general contractor, The Dan Company

Hannah Holbrook

Administrative Assistant | [email protected]

Hannah joins The Dan Company team with a rich background in the music industry both as a professional performer and skilled songwriter, hailing from Colorado where she studied at Colorado State University. Her entrepreneurial experience and creative personality contribute to her passion for learning new systems and skill sets. She loves to help improve the lives of others in any way she can with thoroughness and care, and these strengths make her a driving force in the office. When she isn’t filing receipts and onboarding subcontractors, you can find her enjoying wildlife on a hike, playing piano, and studying the Bible.

Senior project manager for Nashville general contractor, The Dan Company

Alan Shonting

Senior Project Manager | [email protected]

Kevin Kennedy

Project Manager | [email protected]
Project manager for general contractor

Robert Brightup

Project Manager | [email protected]

Robert joined The Dan Company in the spring of 2023 having managed multiple projects concurrently for his own home remodeling and home improvement company. He takes pride in seeing a job through to completion, getting it done on time and maintaining good relationships with every person he interacts with. He takes pride in working hard and executing his job with excellence. In his free time, you might find him doing home improvement projects at his own house or at the lake, the ball field, vacationing or enjoying a concert. Rob is a proud husband and father of four boys and two dogs.

Field coordinator for general contractor

Adam Record

Field Coordinator | [email protected]

Tony Young

Project Manager | [email protected]

Chris Kelley

Project Coordinator | [email protected]

Core Values


At the heart of our company, we cherish our employees and their families. Ensuring their well-being and success is paramount. We strive to alleviate their worries and create an environment where they can thrive.


We believe in giving back to the vibrant Nashville community. Our commitment extends beyond our walls as we invest in the people around us.


Our foundation is built on unwavering integrity. Honesty, transparency, and dedication to what is just and right define our values. We uphold these principles in every facet of our business.<//>


Our open-door policy ensures that conflicts are addressed promptly. We not only resolve issues but also empower each member to take ownership of their actions and embrace personal and professional growth.


We understand that unity is our strength. Whether we’re pursuing shared goals or resolving differences, collaboration is our guiding principle. A divided house cannot stand.


Respect is the cornerstone of our interactions. We aspire to be empathetic, kind, patient, and attentive in every exchange. It’s through these actions that we demonstrate respect for one another.

Valuing Others’ Time

Respect extends to time. We honor each other’s time commitments, as well as those of our clients and subcontractors. Punctuality and meeting deadlines are non-negotiables in our dedication to respecting time.


Clear and timely communication is the lifeline of our success. We believe in immediate, transparent communication with all relevant parties, whether it involves changes in plans, financial matters, or conflicts amongst our staff.

Highest Rating In The Community

We have been professionally rated at the highest level for client satisfaction by the community!

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