Popular Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Has your household outgrown your kitchen? Kitchen transformations are one of our most commonly requested remodeling projects, and it’s not hard to imagine why! Out of all the rooms in your house, kitchens are some of the most frequently used spaces that are typically occupied several times a day, every day.

As your lifestyle changes over the years, your kitchen may become less suited for your current household needs. A quick remodeling job may be just the thing to transform it to better accommodate your lifestyle, all while still suiting your tastes and preferences.

From complete remodels to tasteful refreshes, there are lots of popular kitchen remodeling ideas. We’ve highlighted a few for you to get inspired by and potentially adopt.

Simple, streamlined designs

Modern, clean lines are in. Since you often spend hours upon hours in your kitchen each week, it’s natural to want it to be a stress-free place. Having less decor and busy ornaments in your kitchen can provide the calming environment you need to be the most productive while you’re preparing food. Simplistic, streamlined kitchen designs and aesthetics are a great way to promote this. Whether you prefer bright white throughout the room or dark wood, creating a modern, streamlined kitchen is popular right now.

Classy backsplash

Tile backsplashes are arguably a staple kitchen design, but popular backsplashes change from year to year. While subway tiles are a feature of the past, larger tile slabs with different patterns, textures, and colors are very much features of the present! Backsplashes often rise to the kitchen cabinetry or all the way to the ceiling. They are also functional as they protect the walls from water damage and the mess that comes with food preparation in your kitchen.

Hardwood flooring

While ceramic tiles are right on its heels, hardwood flooring is still the preferred kitchen flooring by many homeowners. Alternatively, ceramic tiles that imitate hardwood floors are an increasingly popular kitchen flooring option. Individuals often opt for vinyl or laminate flooring that looks like hardwood for their kitchens as it is cheaper than real hardwood and easier to clean. In general, hardwood flooring is a desirable attribute in most homes.

Butler pantry

Most people would argue that you can never have too much storage space. Butler’s pantries, or small rooms or spaces just off of kitchens that store primarily non-food items, are a great way to increase your kitchen storage. Keeping your countertops clutter-free is stress-relieving, and a butler pantry can help you do just that! Including a butler’s pantry in your kitchen remodeling project can help you reconfigure your kitchen space.

Want to include any of these features in your next kitchen remodeling project? The Dan Company would be more than happy to help you transform your kitchen to better suit your lifestyle. Call (615) 395-6910 to discuss how we can help achieve and exceed your expectations for your home. We undertake bathroom and kitchen remodeling, renovations, restorations, custom carpentry, painting, and additions. We look forward to hearing from you!