10 Bathroom Renovation Ideas: Make Your Bathroom Look and Feel Bigger

Your bathroom should be a zen area to step into and enjoy. Sometimes, a lack of space can make your bathroom less comfortable, but we assure you that the right design choices can expand your space tremendously! As your trusted Nashville General Contractors, The Dan Company strives to make the most out of your space during renovation. In today’s blog, we recommend some bathroom renovation ideas that will make your bathroom look and feel bigger!

Bathroom Renovation Ideas For A More Spacious Feel

  • Compact Pieces: Less can certainly be more when it comes to bathroom renovations. Consider forgoing a large tub and opt instead for a glass shower door for a sleek look. Floating sinks and wall-mounted faucets add clean lines and elegance to your space while also taking up less room than bulkier alternatives. 
  • Shower Niche: Adding a shower niche to your bathroom can save you precious storage space, and conveniently allow you to store your shower products without having to worry about a shower caddy. 
  • Creative Tiling: Tiling your bathroom allows you to express personal style through color and design choices, while bathroom tiles that extend up the wall create the illusion of more space. 
  • Multiple Mirrors: Mirroring multiple walls in a smaller bathroom can create an expansive effect while also bringing more light to your room. 
  • Thoughtful Lighting: Speaking of light, backlighting your mirror and shelving is a nice touch that will help you get ready to go out while also illuminating your space. Consider installing a skylight to capitalize on the natural light available if possible. 
  • Interior Designer: Working with a professional interior designer takes the burden off of your shoulders in coming up with the best and most efficient plan for your space. They can take measurements and draw up plans to make the process as smooth as possible for you and your contractor.

Why The Dan Company Is Your Top Choice For A Bathroom Renovation

  • Professionalism: Since 2010, The Dan Company has proudly served Nashville homeowners with quality remodeling services. We have worked in historic homes and newer builds, remodeled large spaces and smaller ones, and with each project, we work to bring out all the potential your home has to offer. 
  • Streamlined Process: We know a successful renovation begins with communication. When working with The Dan Company on your bathroom remodel, you can trust that you’ll have clarity and understanding each step of the way. From project scheduling to securing labor and materials and tracking budgets, we ensure nothing is overlooked in your renovation process.
  • Experience: Don’t just take our word for it! We invite you to take a look at some of our previous projects for design inspiration and to see the quality and care with which we work.

At The Dan Company, we strive to complete renovations that will bring you ease and enjoyment every day. Are you ready to get started on a bathroom renovation? Contact us today! We’re happy to take your call at (615) 891-1572 or get in touch with you via our website

Photography by Alice Mae Photography