3 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Whether you’re looking to take your house to the next level for the years to come or investing in improvements that will elevate value when you list it, there are several projects you can undertake to add value to your home. From painting to furnishing, fixtures, and total remodeling projects or renovations, there are many ways you can go about upgrading your home. We recommend these 3 projects below to add value.

Build an addition.

Increasing the square footage of your home, when possible, quite often increases its value. It doesn’t matter if you’re adding a master suite, a home office, or another bedroom to your home. Building an addition will quite literally increase your home’s square footage and livable space, making it worth more dollars in the future. Master suites with full bathrooms, walk-in closets, fireplaces, and more are all valuable features you can advertise when listing your home or enjoy for years to come.

Upgrade your flooring.

Get rid of old carpets and try hardwood or laminate flooring to completely change the look and feel of different rooms inside your home. Classy flooring can be a game-changer when it comes to adding value to your home. Tearing out ratty carpet or vinyl and replacing it with brand new flooring is a win-win for you and for whoever owns your home down the road.

Add a layer of paint.

Need to update your kitchen or bathroom? Maybe your cabinets could use a fresh coat of paint! Paint can cover up marks and scuffs and scratches on your walls and brighten up any dark rooms. Painting both the interior and exterior of your home can make a huge difference at a relatively low cost. It’s definitely an investment to consider. 

In addition to these 3 projects, there are lots of other ways you can add value to your home by increasing its curb appeal, transforming your floor plan, or undertaking a variety of other renovations. Here at The Dan Company, we have years of experience in the construction industry. Our services include additions and custom builds, remodeling, porches, decks, and patios, and so much more. Contact us at (615) 395-6910 to learn more about how we can help you improve your home.