4 Best Remodeling Jobs with the Biggest Returns

So, you’re considering listing your house, and you’re not sure what type of remodeling is smart to do. After all, will the prospective buyers want to renovate and decide what remodeling jobs they want to do for themselves? Regardless, we’ve rounded up 4 of the best remodeling jobs with the biggest returns to consider.

Kitchen remodel

From gutting your kitchen entirely and redoing it, to adding tile backsplash, painting or replacing your cabinets, and trading your current countertops for new ones, there are lots of kitchen remodel ideas you can invest in that have a fairly large return on investment. New or high-end appliances built into your kitchen can take it to the next level. However, be wary of doing anything too extreme or pricey because prospective buyers may not regard the remodeling in the same light that you do.

Replace your garage door

A brand new garage door may pay dividends as far as investments go. So it definitely gets added to the list of remodeling jobs with the biggest returns. Oftentimes, newer garage doors replace unsightly, grimy doors that have a fair bit of wear and tear, bumps, and bruises. The exterior curb appeal that a new garage door gives your home can bump its perceived level of value by a large amount in the eyes of buyers. 

Swap vinyl siding for stone veneer

Either replacing your siding with new siding or swapping it out entirely for manufactured stone veneer gives your home’s exterior appearance an automatic classiness. Boost that curb appeal with manufactured stone veneer along with a new garage door for a set of investments that have big returns that will make your pockets fuller at the end of the day. Stone veneer is a big cosmetic upgrade and gives off new color accents that make your home eye-catching.

Vinyl window replacements

Your windows are important features in your home, from the outside and the inside. Replacing your current windows with vinyl ones often includes a custom color exterior trim that accompanies them. Vinyl windows are also normally low-E (low emissivity) windows that are energy savers and help with your household’s energy efficiency. This also cuts costs. 

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