4 Good Renovation Projects to Start This Winter

Although winter isn’t typically considered a prime renovation season, there are plenty of great renovation projects to start while the temperatures are low outside. Despite what you may hear, you definitely can build additions, replace roofing, and the like during the coldest season of the year. 

Renovations like kitchen upgrades, bathroom refreshes, and finishing basements are great projects to tackle in the wintertime. And they normally don’t need any temporary barriers or insulation from the winter weather to undertake them! We’ve compiled a list of 4 renovation projects to begin this winter to help you enhance your current home.

1. Upgrade Your Kitchen 

There’s nothing quite like a sparkling, uncluttered kitchen where you can prepare all your favorite dishes! Do your cabinets or countertops need a little love? Winter is a fantastic time to replace your countertops, update your cabinetry, add some backsplash, or even install some hardwood or laminate flooring. Think about replacing years of grime and build-up on your existing kitchen floor. Doesn’t that sound appealing?!

2. Refresh Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is probably the room in your home that sees the most daily traffic. So it’s important to make sure it’s a comfortable, stylish, and convenient place to visit. There are eons of bathroom updates you can invest in, but in addition to the usual suspects like painting the walls, redoing the floor, or swapping out the countertops, why not add some more luxury elements? If you’re a fan of baths, installing a freestanding tub may be a smart investment. How about a heated floor? The options are endless!

3. Finish Your Basement

Especially if having the renovators out of sight is attractive, finishing your basement may be the right move for you this winter. Are you looking for more space in your house to lounge, host dinner parties, exercise, or watch movies? Transforming your basement into a place to entertain or a space to occupy for your other daily activities is an excellent renovation choice during the winter months. While your basement may act as storage now, it could act as much more than just storage after you finish it.

4. Update Your Flooring

Don’t underestimate how much an updated floor can brighten up or change the look of a room! Do you have any old floors that need to be replaced? Winter is the perfect season to replace them. You won’t have to worry about letting in the outside elements while the remodelers get to work. Between laminate, ceramic tile, hardwood, vinyl, and carpet, there are plenty of options for all styles and functions you may imagine. 

Are you looking to build, renovate, or remodel your home this winter? The Dan Company has a seasoned team ready to help you paint, remodel, renovate, and build! Contact us at (615) 395-6910 to discuss what you’d like to accomplish this winter. We’d love to hear from you.