3 Things to Know Before Hiring a General Contractor

Hiring a general contractor is a big deal, and unless you’ve done it before, you may not know where to start. Do you know what renovation, remodeling, or construction project you want to be done? Do you know how much it should cost? How do you figure out if a contractor is reliable and will get your job done and done well? There are lots of things you should take into consideration before hiring a general contractor. So we’ve compiled a list of 3 important things to know before you take this big step.

 1. Get several bids for the scope of work that you’re looking for.

Knowing what you want before hiring a contractor is an important first step but getting several bids for the scope of work that you’re looking for maybe an even more important second step. Try to get at least 3 bids, but shoot for 6 to give you an accurate overview of what each contractor can offer you and for how much. Take into consideration that you can gauge the appropriate cost and the quality or caliber of each contractor’s work based on their bids in conjunction with your background checks (see tip #2). 

2. Look into the contractor’s work history, work habits, and even do a background check.

Do the contractors that you’re looking at hiring have at least minimum credentials, including a current state license and solid insurance coverage? Working with contractors with at least a million dollars in liability and worker’s compensation coverage is ideal. Do they have any complaints or legal actions that have occurred or are pending? Also, are the contractor’s abilities suited to your project’s needs? Do they have the appropriate skillsets for what you’re asking them to do? What is their client satisfaction level, and how do they conduct themselves in interactions with you? Professionalism and high client satisfaction normally indicate their high quality of work and workmanship. 

3. Know what your contract’s details are before you sign it. 

Be vigilant with your contract’s details. Double-check that the contract has a start date and a completion date and entails everything you agreed upon regarding the scope of work and costs before signing it. Are the appropriate building permits and fees included? Descriptions of the scope of work, payment terms, subcontractor terms, and consequences for either party if either default should all be included in the contact, too. 

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