Bathtub Install: How To Do It Yourself

Having or upgrading your bathtub is a great way to make your bathroom a more relaxing place and make it feel more like a spa. If you’re interested in installing or replacing a bathtub in your home, here are some tips for you to follow!

Steps For A Bathtub Install:

  • Measuring tape is the first tool you’ll want to pick up for this project. You’lll need the dimensions of your current bathtub alcove and around the shower walls to make sure that you select the right size tub for your space.
  • You’ll need to locate the tub drain pipe. Facing the alcove, the side that holds the drain opening will determine the type of tub you need. If it is on the left, you’ll need a left drain tub, if it’s on the right, you’ll need a right drain tub. These two steps are simple but essential to prevent you from ordering the wrong tub for your space!
  • When your tub arrives and you are ready for installation, make sure to turn off the water supply to the tub, which can be done by shutting off the shutoff valve to the bathroom or the entire house. While completing a renovation project, the last thing you want is for water to flood your work area.
  • If needed, remove any toilets or sinks that may get in the way during installation. You’ll also want to remove any tile from the installation area.
  • Next, install a 2 x 4 stringer which will help support the tub along its length.
  • Cautiously move the tub into place, taking care not to disrupt the drain assembly. Make sure that the drain and overflow plumbing for the tub is in align with the drain outlet in your bathroom. Connect the pipes snugly, taking care not to overtighten. 
  • Attach fixtures and turn the water back on, but wait at least 24 hours before using your tub. 

Congrats! You’re ready to enjoy your new bathtub! 

Having the know-how and confidence to install your own bathtub is great, but if you need help creating the bathroom of your dreams, The Dan Company is here to help! We pride ourselves on our attention to detail in every project we undertake, offering clear communication every step of the way. Our operations are based in Middle Tennessee and we care about the homes and well-being of our community members. Contact us at 615–891–1572 to get a start on the bathtub installation process today! 

Photography by Laura Fenwick