Closet Renovation Ideas for Optimal Organization

Clutter is not only unsightly—it can also invite a lot of stress and anxiety when you feel like it’s all over your home or even just concentrated in one area. When it comes to staying organized, your closets can be your best friends or your worst nightmares. If you’re on the latter end of that spectrum, it can be hard to envision your closets laid out in a manner that is conducive to optimally organizing your belongings.

To help you achieve optimal organization, we’ve gathered three closet renovation ideas together to share with you.

Built-in shelves and drawers. 

No matter how big or small your closet is, custom shelves and drawers can help you maximize your space. Neatly having your wardrobe arranged to fit whatever you’re storing in it, from clothes to books, keepsakes, blankets, kitchen gadgets, and more, a shelf or a drawer can be built to fit them. Additionally, your custom storage solutions can showcase delicate items like glass and china too. A quick Google search for built-in shelves and drawers will yield inspiration you can take to your contractor when inquiring about custom shelves and organizers.

Knock out a wall to create more space. 

Although this is not always a viable closet renovation solution, knocking out a wall to physically create more space in your closet can open up a world of possibilities. If a non-load-bearing wall is next to your wardrobe and a home office or space is behind it, you may be able to build out your closet even further than it is or connect another room to your wardrobe for extra storage space. 

Add an island. 

If you have a walk-in closet that you use for organizing your clothing and other miscellaneous belongings, an island in the center of the closet may be handy for ironing, folding clothes, laying out what you want to wear the next day and any number of other things. An island can also have drawers and shelves built into it, adding more space for you to organize your belongings.

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