Update Your Patio for Outdoor Entertainment in Nashville

The summer months are here! Hot weather can be a great recipe for outdoor entertainment when you have an updated patio to shield you from the summer heat. Especially in Middle Tennessee, the middle of the summer can be blazing hot. By creating shade over your patio or even making part of it a screened-in porch, you could take your outdoor entertainment to the next level.

Need some ideas on ways you can update your patio? We’ve built a screened-in porch and patio or two in our time, so we’ve compiled a list of renovations to elevate your patio this summer.

Add a roof to your patio (or enclose it with screens).

Unless you live in a shaded area, spending time on your outdoor patio isn’t enjoyable in the summer months. This is where building a screened-in porch or patio can make all the difference. Having a roof over your head can add some much-needed shade to your outdoor patio. Screening in a portion of your patio will also allow you to add central air conditioning to your patio while still allowing you to bask in the sunlight. Although this may make your patio not completely an “outdoor” patio, it still is often a worthwhile investment.

Install fans.

Especially if your patio is screened in, installing fans for air circulation can be a great way to improve your patio for outdoor entertainment. Blowing cool air over your guests while they occupy your patio is always welcome in the Greater Nashville heat. But when adding air conditioning to your screened-in porch isn’t a feasible or affordable option, fans may do the job just as well. 

Build a custom deck.

Does your patio have all the amenities that you need for a great night outside? How about a custom bar or railing to accommodate all your outdoor barbecues and the like? Building an island or a countertop into your custom deck can upgrade your patio into a great place to cook, eat, and sit. Adding custom seating around the edges of your deck so you and your guests can relax, sit around a fire pit, or share some food and drink may be just what you need for a perfect outdoor entertainment experience.

When you are ready to update your patio this summer, give us a call! We provide custom deck, patio, or porch additions for your home. Contact The Dan Company at (615) 395-6910 to discuss what you’re looking for with the experts. We’d be delighted to help you build the outdoor patio to meet all your entertainment wants and needs.