Here are some design ideas for your new DADU!

With a new season comes new renovation ideas and ways to design them based on your style! A DADU, or detached additional dwelling unit, can also be called a backyard cottage or backyard studio and is great for adding value to your Nashville home. A DADU can fulfill several purposes, including having your in-laws live with you and welcoming back older children moving back home after college. Whatever your reason may be, we have some design ideas that will get the ball rolling and help you figure out how you want to show off your new DADU. 

New Quarter, New Designs: What Are Some Modern DADU Design Ideas? 

  • Start with natural lighting! Whether using your DADU as a home office away from home or as a rental space, anyone can do well with natural lighting. Natural lighting not only has several health benefits, but it can also give the illusion of having more space. Skylights can accentuate the area and can be custom-made, allowing light to shine from multiple angles. 
  • Invest in a patio or deck! This will help you incorporate the garden into your DADU with spring on the horizon. From screened porches to custom decks, using the great outdoors is an excellent way to enhance your garden’s best features (i.e., the landscaping). 
  • You can rearrange your DADU in such a way that it can be a cozy vacation cottage, especially if you live in a prime vacation destination! This can also be a great way to generate passive income when you list it on rental sites like Airbnb when finished. 

How Does The Dan Company Seamlessly Carry Out Additions And Remodels? 

  • With so many benefits of a DADU, you may even want to invest in another addition to your Nashville home! When that happens, The Dan Company is the #1 in additions and home remodeling. These projects may be extensive, but our professionals will take you through the process with ease. 
  • We make sure to assign you a project manager who will be your main point of contact throughout the rebuild. This is the person who will create, manage, and update the schedule regularly and will bridge any gaps there might be in communication. 
  • We provide services like securing materials, tracking job cost reports, and quality control. You can expect weekly reports from us on your addition’s progress as well as our plans for the following week. You can rest assured we’ll walk you through the process while dotting our i’s and crossing our t’s!

We are committed to turning your house into a home! With our seasoned professionals who build with integrity and care to detail unlike any in the industry, The Dan Company is your go-to company for all things home remodeling. We know how important it is to personalize your home to suit your style and preferences, and we’re here to make it happen! Aside from home remodeling services, we also provide general contracting services in the greater Nashville area. You never have to worry about being left in the dark with us because we keep all of our clients informed from start to finish throughout the renovation process. Contact us at (615) 395-6910. We’d be happy to help this spring.