How To Open Up Your Small Space With A Remodel

Spring is a season of new life and new beginnings- it is the first season of the year, after all! If you are looking for innovative ways to spruce up your small space, a remodel may be the way to go. Remodeling a small room can enhance the space you currently inhabit, but it can also give the impression that your space is bigger than it is. There’s nothing like playing around with optics to provide a fresh perspective to your Nashville home! If full-scale remodeling is not within your budget, there are several small additions you can create to showcase a welcoming space. Below, we have listed some ideas to help you maximize your living space and how The Dan Company can help you with your dream home objectives. 

In What Ways Can You Show the Illusion Of A Bigger Living Space Without Breaking the Bank?

  • Have you considered custom shelving? This can help you maximize square footage while adapting your living area to suit your preferences. You can also color coordinate shelves which can help keep your room(s) organized and give an open-concept illusion to your Nashville home!
  • Add multifunctional furniture. When you furnish a room with sofas, tables, and footstools, you can find ways to make the space serve several purposes while also giving the impression of a larger area. A good example would be to use a steamer trunk that can also make for a coffee table or an end table.  
  • If your budget allows it, remove a wall! If two rooms fulfill similar purposes, you can bring them together, allowing you to enjoy more space without going back and forth between both rooms. 

How Can The Dan Company Make Your Home Additions Dreams Come True?

  • Whether you need to open up your living area to grown children moving back home from college or you’re investing in a DADU, our seasoned professionals at The Dan Company can build an addition that will help you love your living space. 
  • Even if you’re a first-time homeowner, making sure your addition plan is well thought out saves time and money. When you know what you want and how you want it, the process is faster! By remembering why you’re creating this new addition, whether you want more storage space or create an in-law suite, The Dan Company has over a decade of home remodeling and general contracting experience to make your dream home a reality. 
  • Know how much space you have to work with! You also have to be mindful that your addition fits in line with local codes and maintains a certain distance from neighbors by knowing where your property begins and theirs ends. Our team can personalize a space that matches your needs and preferences when you know what you’re working with.

At The Dan Company, we prioritize value and integrity during our creative process. Aside from additions, we specialize in porch and deck remodels, major historic renovations, full-scale remodels, and general contracting services. If you need our expertise in the greater Nashville area, don’t hesitate to contact us at (615) 891-1572.