Our Process

At The Dan Company, we believe communication is key. So often, clients undergoing home remodeling are left guessing what the construction process will look like and what sort of communication and care they can expect. Integrity is our highest value, and our goal is to provide as much clarity and efficiency as possible for you to feel comfortable and prepared walking into your renovation project.

New Client Information

We want to give your project all of the careful attention it deserves. That said, there are many detailed steps we follow from the time you first contact us to the start of your project. We know it can feel overwhelming, and we want to take as much of that load off of you as possible! Below are downloadable flyers outlining our process. This varies based on the size of the project. If you are planning a large-scale major renovation, please see the flyer for large projects. Once you decide to work with us, there are important decisions to make regarding selections that will affect your project timeline in different ways. Please see the flyer on selection timeline priorities for more information.


Due to the continued presence of COVID-19, we at The Dan Company are doing everything we can to limit exposure to our customers, employees, and neighbors. We continue to offer virtual appointments upon request and have implemented germ prevention etiquette to address any issues of exposure or illness. We continue to observe CDC guidelines among our staff to prevent the spread. It is our top priority to service you well, and your health as well as that of our employees is of utmost importance to us. For more information, please see the COVID-19 flyer above.

Our Services

As your general contractor, we do:

  1. Project scheduling
  2. Securing labor and materials
  3. Tracking budgets, invoicing, and job cost reports
  4. Quality control
  5. Problem solving

Unless specifically contracted otherwise, our project management services do not include:

  1. Architectural and schematic design
  2. Interior design
  3. Fixture purchase and storage delivery
  4. Engineering
  5. Site surveying



  1. Our operations manager will meet with Dan and your project manager to kick off the planning process and create an outline of project needs.
  2. Your project manager will reach out to you for a pre-construction meeting with you at your home.
  3. After the initial meeting with you, our team will continue planning, organizing, and scheduling. This phase is very important, and we do everything in our power throughout our process to enable the project to go as smoothly as possible and stay on target with your budget. During this phase, we will put together orders for materials and any other allowances necessary and build out the schedule based on anticipated lead times, barring unforeseen obstacles.
    • All selections and design decisions should be made during this phase. This will help us to avoid scheduling delays and streamline our team’s tasks to work as efficiently as possible for you.
  4. Our team confirms a starting date with you.


The project begins! Here is what you can expect from us along the way:

  1. You will receive reports from your project manager each Friday. These will include an update on progress as well as an overview of plans and schedules for the following week.
  2. On weeks where work is being performed onsite, you can expect the project manager to visit the job site multiple times within the week.
  3. You will receive regular invoices from our office. For cost-plus contracts, each weekly invoice includes charges from material receipts collected, subcontractor invoices received to date, and in-house labor charges from the week prior. For fixed-sum contracts, you will be invoiced in coordination with the progress of the job. In either case, you are billed against your deposit on file as outlined in your draw plan. While it is uncommon in the construction industry, weekly billing is a unique benefit we offer to keep you up to date on your budget and how your deposit is being allocated.
  4. As the renovation moves forward, there are a few elements to be aware of regarding schedules:
    • Our field team starts promptly at 7 AM Monday through Thursday and does not work on Fridays or weekends.
    • Due to our collaboration with other professionals, subcontractors, and vendors, we cannot make guarantees regarding their schedules. Your project manager will coordinate with them on the project schedule and keep you informed.
    • Other factors influencing schedule changes include weather, changes in scope or design, and illness.
    • Similarly, we do our best to get ahead of any city code requirements and allocate appropriate budget amounts in your estimate and the initial planning phase to avoid unexpected costs. However, if the scope of work changes as the project progresses due to either city codes or client requests, or if other unforeseen modifications are made, these factors will also affect the schedule.
  5. Should any further issues arise throughout the construction process, please refer to our Grievance Process detailed below.


  1. Your project manager will reach out to schedule your final walkthrough 1-2 weeks from the date of substantial completion. This period allows ample time for you to live in the space and make a list of any adjustments or changes for the final punch-out. Your project manager will send you a fillable form to record these items.
  2. At the time of the walkthrough, your project manager will add their own items to your list as you both walk the space together.
  3. You will review the combined list with your project manager and both sign it to confirm the punch-out items.
  4. Your project manager will schedule a time for the final punch-out items to be
  5. Once this is finished, you will both sign off on the completed work and you will receive your final invoice. Please note, if any additional punch items are requested after this point, time and materials spent to complete these items will be billed at cost plus contractor markup.


While this is not an exhaustive list, please see below for important rights to understand for both the homeowner and contractor when it comes to construction projects. Please refer to your contract for a full list of terms and conditions for your project.


  • Right to timely completion of projects insofar as the contractor is unhindered by unforeseen circumstances and acts of God, subject to the terms of your contract
  • Warranty / corrective action which is due upon receipt of payment for costs incurred to the date on the project, subject to the terms of your contract
  • Right to terminate contractor for abandonment of the project
  • Right to terminate contractor for defective work after opportunity to cure has been provided and reasonable time to correct has passed as specified under Tenn. Code Ann. 66-36-103.


  • Right to be paid in full for services provided including those pending warranty services
    • *Warranty rendered upon payment receipt
  • Right to the opportunity to correct construction defects prior to lawsuits filed or back charges asserted
  • Right to be free of liability of pre-existing conditions on a job site
  • Right to terminate the contract if payment is not received, subject to the terms of your contract


It is our desire and intention to address your concerns, correct any mistakes made, and/or provide clarity to any misunderstandings that may have occurred on the job. If concerns arise, here is how we can work together to resolve them:

  1. Notify your project manager immediately of your concern.
    • We always encourage clients to first seek to resolve any issues by contacting their project manager directly first. They oversee all the moving pieces of the puzzle and can therefore conduct a thorough assessment to determine whether the issue is related or unrelated to our workmanship. They will ensure communication is directed to all appropriate parties as quickly as possible.
  2. If the issue is unable to be resolved immediately and further discussion is needed, please reach out to your project manager to request a formal meeting. They will schedule a time with you to explore the issue further and discuss solutions.
  3. If you have met with your project manager and still believe that your concerns are not being addressed in the manner in which they should be, contact our office to schedule a meeting with Dan, our owner, either onsite or at the office. At this meeting, we will outline the problems at hand and discuss the steps to be taken to resolve the issues.


For a full description of the warranty policy, please refer to your signed contract. Below you can find a brief summary of what is and is not covered:

  • Items procured by DanCo – manufacturing issues will be resolved by our staff at no charge
  • Items not procured by DanCo are not under warranty thus any time and labor spent to correct manufacturing issues will be billed at cost plus contractor mark up
  • Work performed by DanCo teams and related to our craftsmanship will be covered under warranty
  • Pre-existing conditions or work performed by other contractors at your home unrelated to DanCo work will not be covered under warranty. Any time & labor spent to correct work that is pre-existing or unrelated to our scope of work will be billed at cost plus contractor mark up
  • Warranty begins upon receipt of payment and extends for one calendar year of substantial completion


When The Dan Company is contracted to procure decorative fixtures and other allowance items such as tile selections, plumbing fixtures, etc., we charge the cost of the fixtures plus contractor markup as stated in our contract. Procuring these items can be an unexpectedly involved process, and we see this service as a great benefit to our clients. When we are contracted to procure, there are a number of things that we do:

  • Place all orders and ensure timely delivery to the job site in conjunction with the project schedule
    • For example, plumbing valves must be onsite at the start of the project
  • Ensure that what is ordered is what arrives and that all parts arrive per the order specifications
  • Resolve any manufacturing issues with the products that arrive. If items arrive broken, we will return the items and order replacements. If the products have warranty issues, we will coordinate with the vendors and subcontractors necessary to get new products on order and have them re-installed as needed
    • If we are not contracted to procure fixtures, all time and labor spent to re-order fixtures and re-install will be billed at cost plus contractor mark up

Frequently Asked Questions

At the Dan Company, we have refined our process to ensure you get the outcome you always hoped for. When you are ready to start your remodel or renovation, contact us to discuss your plans.