How To Get Your Dream Master Suite

Your bedroom is a haven you can go to at the end of a long day for rest and relaxation. Why not update it so that walking through its doors puts you perfectly at ease? The Dan Company is happy to offer tips for decor and remodeling to create your dream space. Keep reading for inspiration that will help you achieve your dream master suite. 

Inspiring Design Options To Elevate Your Master Suite

  • Replace Drapes: Your window treatments can have a major effect on the feel of your space. If you have short, lackluster curtains, consider swapping them out for a lighter, floor-length option to extend your space and usher in more light during the day. 
  • Update Lighting Fixtures: Just like the proper window treatments can invite more light in, optimal lighting fixtures can brighten your space or help you wind down after a long day. Consider swapping out a ceiling pendant for a chandelier or fan with multiple lighting or speed settings to optimize your comfort. 
  • Bedding and Furniture: The fabrics you use can completely change the vibe of your bedroom. Having multiple pillows, a quality mattress, and soft, breathable bedding will make your space more comfortable and inviting.
  • Calming Color Schemes: If you have trouble falling asleep, odds are you are open to suggestions for better rest. Using a softer color palate for your bedroom can change how you sleep. Soft blues, greens, or creams and silvers are recommended for bedrooms to keep stress levels low and help you fall asleep each night. 

Remodeling Choices to Improve Your Master Suite

If your master bedroom needs more than a fresh coat of paint or new drapes to suit you, a renovation project is a great option to get the space you deserve. Remodeling projects require thoughtful planning and expertise and are best left to professionals. Consider working with The Dan Company, your experienced Nashville contractors, to bring your vision for your master suite to fruition! 

  • Upgrade Your Master Bath: Having a bathroom that feels like a spa is achievable through a thoughtfully designed remodel. Adding in a soaking tub and updating your bathroom tile can transform your bathroom into a place of simple function to a room you want to unwind in. 
  • Improve Layout: Sometimes, especially in older homes, your master suite may have an unnatural layout that doesn’t work for your lifestyle. Taking down awkward walls or perhaps expanding your master suite into an unused room will greatly improve your day-to-day life. 
  • Divide Up Spaces: Having personal areas within your master bedroom for you and your spouse can help you ease into your morning and evening routines. Double sinks and separate closets can help you achieve harmony in your master suite while also giving you space for your own belongings. 

The Dan Company builds with integrity. When you work with us, you can rest assured that we are reliable, experienced, and professional contractors who will communicate with you throughout each step of your repair or renovation process. Call us at (615) 891-1572 to get started on your dream master suite renovation today. 


Photography by Allison Elefante