What Are The Steps To Start Your Home Renovation?

Home renovation can be exciting for the perks a new space has to offer, but the process of renovation can be intimidating to begin. That is why it is important to work with a trusted restoration team who will streamline your home remodel! At The Dan Company, we’re all about maintaining transparency and communication in our projects. That’s why we’ve detailed some of the things you should know about beginning your Nashville home renovation.

Beginning Steps To Home Renovation

  • Your budget should be a top consideration when embarking on a renovation project. You should think about what you are willing to spend and compare that amount with the estimates that your contractor presents to you. 
  • Next, you should certainly think about what you want to get out of your home renovation. Have you been wanting to make cosmetic changes, such as changing your flooring and painting, or are you considering more complex projects that involve changing your home layout? We encourage you to keep functionality and your budget in mind when brainstorming about your home renovation. Choices that make your life easier will make your remodel even more worth it! 
  • If you have an older home, the process of renovation can certainly be worthwhile, but you may have some extra steps to navigate. If your house was built prior to 1989, you may have to consider the possibility of asbestos having been used for insulation, if your home is older than 1978, lead paint may also be lurking beneath the newer layers of paint. Both of these materials are not toxic unless disturbed, but renovation can trigger dangerous particles to be released into the air. It is a good idea to have your house inspected for these dangerous toxins before embarking on a renovation project. 

The Dan Company Renovation Process 

The Dan Company is here to help make your remodel easier with clear communication and steps. Here are the main stages of our renovation process: 

  • Project Opening:

    Our team will meet internally to discuss the scope of your project and delegate tasks such as permitting and ordering selections. Your project manager will then meet with you at your home, and continue planning, organizing and scheduling, making sure the materials needed will arrive on time and considering other factors that may influence the project timeline.

  • Project Progress: Once we begin working, you will receive reports from your project manager each Friday. These will include an update on progress as well as an overview of plans and schedules for the following week. The project manager will visit the job site multiple times a week to make sure their progress reports are detailed and keep you informed of any potential setbacks. You will receive weekly invoices during this time that show how your budget is being utilized. 
  • Project Closing: Your project manager will reach out to schedule your final walkthrough 1-2 weeks from the date of  completion, giving you time to live in the space and record any adjustments that need to be made. After the walkthrough, our project manager will schedule a time for the final punch-out items to be completed. Once this is finished, you will both sign off on the completed work and you will receive your final invoice. You are ready to begin enjoying your newly remodeled home! 

At The Dan Company, we’re Your Trusted Nashville General Contractor for a reason. Our process is tried and true, and our team is constantly working hard to make sure you get the best service that sticks to your timeline and budget. If you have any further questions about our renovation process or would like to get started, simply call (615) 891-1572 or contact us via our website! We look forward to working with you! 


Photography by Julia Rose