How to Maximize a Small Space with a Remodel in Greater Nashville

Having enough space in your home or office to fit your lifestyle and needs is integral to enjoying your time at home or while working. While spacious additions aren’t always a viable option, there are several ways you can remodel to maximize a small space that you have.

New builds are great, but they can be a bigger project than some are ready to commit to. Small additions or remodeling projects can be great alternatives to make your space feel fresh and declutter your property. We’ve compiled a list of space-maximizing options that you can undertake to make your home feel more spacious.

Remove a wall. 

If you have a wall that isn’t load-bearing separating two different rooms, it may be able to be replaced entirely. This will allow you to enjoy a lot more open space as two rooms become one. Even if this doesn’t physically add a ton of space to your home, it visually allows you to move back and forth between two areas you previously could only access by walking through a doorway. 

Build custom shelving.

Shelving and storage spaces custom-built for your home allow you to maximize the available square footage you have at your disposal. Repurposing the area under your stairs, above your head, and everywhere in between is possible with the addition of custom shelving. 

Invest in a small addition.

If you have a little extra space on your property within the zones where you can build, an addition may be in order. Even just the addition of a laundry room may free up lots of space in your home that can be dedicated to a home office or another purpose. 

Closet organizers, cabinets, and free-standing shelves can also help you stay organized and declutter your small space without breaking the bank. Are you ready to invest in a custom solution to maximize your home’s space to improve your lifestyle? You can contact The Dan Company at (615) 395-6910 to discuss your current situation in Middle Tennessee. We’ll be happy to help you brainstorm solutions to adjust your property to your wants and needs.