How to Put a DADU Together for Your Next Home Renovation

A DADU, also known as a detached accessory dwelling unit, is an off-property condo, generally speaking. Sometimes, a DADU can be within your Nashville home, with examples being in-law suites and basement spaces for your adult children to return home after graduating college. Adding extra rooms in the house is a top priority for many homeowners, especially with a post-pandemic world that has brought on remote workspaces. With many of our day-to-day business operations and personal lives revolving around the home base, creating extra spaces and finding ways to blend personal tastes with functionality has only become more important in recent years. 

What Steps Should You Take Before Following Through With A DADU Project? 

  • The first step is to find out the zoning regulations in your district. Different districts have different laws, and it’s best to abide by them for a seamless DADU construction process. 
  • Double-check your budget to ensure you have the funds to carry out a massive project. The type of DADU, size, landscaping and other professional fees determine a DADU’s final cost, so do your research and prepare accordingly. 
  • You can sometimes go for a home equity loan or a cash-out refinance if you have good home equity. DADUs are detached from the main house in most cases, so they’re often more expensive than an ADU (attached dwelling unit), which is why some loans can be helpful when building it out. 

How Can You Design Your DADU To Enhance Space In Your Nashville Home?

  • If you live in a well-known vacation destination, designing your DADU in a way that allows you to rent to guests is a great way to make passive income when you list it on sites like Airbnb.  
  • You can give off the impression of more storage space by adding built-in shelving on the walls to keep things off the floor. Additionally, adding hidden cubbies and stacks of drawers is a better alternative to installing large cabinets and dressers. 
  • Sink space may not be something you thought about when designing a DADU, but it’s critical all the same! An oval sink makes better use of your counter space than a square sink because it’s more rounded without too many edges. 

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