Masterful Makeovers: Key Considerations for Remodeling Your Master Suite

When you decide it’s time to start remodeling your master suite, you should consider the elements you want your bedroom and bathroom to have to optimize your comfort for years to come. The Dan Company is happy to offer tips for decor and remodeling that will help you achieve your dream master suite in your Nashville home. 

Thoughtful Design Choices For Your Master Suite

  • Work With Your Space: A functional master bedroom will make getting ready feel like a breeze. Consider placing your closet between your bedroom and bathroom, so you can get dressed easily. If you have awkward small spaces, consider installing shelving for storage, and opting for pocket doors between rooms so as not to take up too much space.  
  • Choose Thoughtful Lighting: Just like the proper window treatments can invite more light in during the day, optimal lighting fixtures can help transition your room from day to night. Dimmers are a great option for diffused lighting, while LED strips behind headboards can offer soothing washes of light in a minimalist way. Natural and diffused lighting in your master bath can also create a spa-like effect.
  • Calm Color Scheme: Using a softer color palate for your bedroom can change how you sleep. Soft blues, greens, or creams and silvers are recommended for bedrooms to keep stress levels low and help you fall asleep each night.
  • Shower Shelves and Storage: One of the biggest lifestyle upgrades you can gift yourself when you renovate your home is a beautiful master bathroom. Walk-in showers offer a relaxing experience that can be functional too with built in shelving, ledges, and storage for toiletries.


Remodeling Considerations For Your Master Suite

Remodeling projects require thoughtful planning, and a wise general contractor will consider your original space before getting to work. The Dan Company is proud to be trusted and experienced Nashville contractors that are willing to do the work to bring you your dream space that is built to last.

  • Improve Your Layout: If your master suite may have an unnatural layout that doesn’t work for your lifestyle, we are happy to expand your space or take down awkward walls. Since some walls may include support beams that ensure the structural integrity of your home, this sort of work is best left to professionals. 
  • Make Your Bathroom Work: Too often, strange design choices make for an uncomfortable and cluttered bathroom experience. In order to optimize space, consider built-in storage under your sink, or opting for a large walk in shower while keeping the toilet and sink separate. Upgrades such as heated flooring in your bathroom and bedroom can prevent drafts and create a comforting feel year round. Your home design is best when it works for you!
  • Attention to Detail: Embarking on a home renovation journey should be worth your while. That is why your choices and results should perfectly match you. Clean, quality designs executed with precision will make your master suite a stress free zone, which is why it is important to work with a general contractor with a high attention to detail. The last thing you want after your remodeling job is done is to have to have repairs or improvements done. That is why The Dan Company is your trusted general contractor: we build with integrity.


When you work with The Dan Company, you can rest assured that our team will communicate with you throughout each step of your master bedroom renovation process, leaving you with a beautiful result that exceeds your expectations. Don’t hesitate: contact us at (615) 891-1572 to get started on your dream master suite renovation today. 


Photography by Laura Fenwick