How to Keep Your Historic Home Authentic

It may seem like a conflict between the old and the new when trying to marry modernity with rich history. While progress and change are valued in the modern-day, when you have a historic home, you want to keep the vintage spirit alive even during renovations. Whether you are thinking of making minor changes around your historic Nashville home or you want a full-scale remodel, there are still ways to maintain the home’s authenticity while bringing in a new definition of vintage chic. 

What Are Some Key Features To Preserve When Renovating Your Nashville Historic Home? 

  • Original Woodwork: Whenever possible, try to conserve this as wood becomes more expensive. In an older home, craftsmanship is usually much higher caliber than you would find in modern construction.  
  • Hardware: Door hardware, cabinet latches, and drawers can give you a glance at how these parts were used previously. Try to save knobs, latches, and hinges even if you must tear off a badly damaged door or cabinet. 
  • Doors and Windows: Most older doors and windows are solid wood, and if you can keep them, you can treat them to provide better insulation. However, if your historic homes’ doors and windows are past the point of no return, one option to maintain your older home’s vintage charm is to salvage door and window replacements from other older homes

How Can You Pay For Historic Home Renovations? 

  • Research and review regulations! Understanding the structural designs of the past may give you a better idea of your area’s planning and zoning rules. Going through map collections and even building plans through the years can give you great insight into how you may want to incorporate these designs into your antique upgrade. 
  • Look at the different types of funding! Several grant programs offer historic renovations, which can help balance out the hefty cost of these preservation projects. While most historic home grants are solely available to public properties and nonprofit organizations, you may still be able to find grant money on a local, state, or national level as a homeowner. 
  • If a grant doesn’t work out for you, consider getting a loan! The FHA 203k Rehab Loan is one of the most popular choices. The federal government supports this mortgage program and consolidates your primary mortgage and renovation expenses into one loan. The interest rate can be fixed or adjustable, but you need a certain credit score to qualify. 

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