Top Tips for Renovating your Master Bedroom

One month into the new year, and with the “reset” that a fresh start brings, it’s only natural to revamp your Master Bedroom to reflect a new beginning. Because your Master Suite is one of the most integral parts of your home, it’s no surprise there’s a lot of planning involved during this process, including a budget, infrastructure, and needs. Whether you’re creating a master suite for in-laws or for kids moving back home from college, your Nashville home’s value will significantly increase due to this renovation.

What Are Some Design Tips To Maximize Space While Also Encouraging Relaxation? 

  • Your Master Bedroom should be a sanctuary where you take refuge after a long day. One way to bring out the relaxation factor is to try out some textures. A monochromatic look with neutral colors is said to make you feel calmer psychologically. Incorporating textiles or even a shag rug with browns, whites, and blues can do the trick. 
  • Another way to destress is to make use of layering. You can do this with throw pillows, blankets, or even a candle to create a warm and welcoming environment to give yourself some TLC. 
  • It’s all in the details! Adding drapes and shades are at the core of designing your ideal master suite. Dimmer lights and a nightstand light for reading should also be a part of the setup. If you want to soak in your homey haven, consider hiding outlets to not disrupt your design.

What Are Some Other Features To Include For Your Vision To Come Alive? 

  • A walk-in closet! Or two, ideally, but regardless, these are features you don’t want to ignore. Having ample space to store clothing, shoes, or other miscellaneous belongings can save a lot of headaches. 
  • An ensuite bathroom with two sinks! This luxurious add-on is sure to be a favorite, complete with two vanities and a large shower. If taking baths is a part of your self-care routine, this ensuite bathroom is the perfect place for a tub or jacuzzi installation! To top it off, custom lighting, heated floors, and lots of mirrors will make this feature the gem of your master suite. 
  • A picturesque balcony! This feature will make taking your morning coffee and gazing at the afternoon sunset all the more scenic.

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