Why a Deck Add-On is a Good Investment – TDC

As the weather starts cooling down and fall becomes winter, you may be hesitant to commence a deck add-on project right now. We’re here to say that it’s never too early to start planning for a deck add-on since it’s hard to imagine going into a project without creating a checklist and allocating the funds for it. Aside from the value of your Nashville home increasing, you’ll also notice a pleasant change in your way of living once the weather warms up again. We have compiled a list of things you should be mindful of when you plan for a deck add-on and how your add-on will pay off in the future. 

What Should You Look Out For When Planning For A Deck Add-On?

  • When you start any major project, the first question you need to answer is, “Why?” After responding to that question, start brainstorming how you’d like to use your deck during the warmer months. You’ll have a much clearer design vision when you know how you want your patio to be laid out beforehand. 
  • Where would you want your deck to be? On a larger property, you would have several options to consider, and in some cases, there is more than one option. You would also have to scale the deck to size depending on the size of your Nashville property. In addition, it would be helpful to find easy accessibility from the deck to the house. 
  • Have you set aside a budget for your deck add-on? Your budget will determine everything about your deck, from the size to the materials used and even the design. It is wise to consider extras you may want to add to your patio, like railings and lighting. 

How Will Your Deck Add-On Pay Off In The Future?

  • The two most common materials used for decks are wood and composite decks. Wood decks provide the best return on investment because it is usually a more affordable material. The downside is that wood decks are not as sturdy to handle the impact of weather as the composite deck. 
  • Composite decking incorporates two or more materials and can withstand erratic weather. It doesn’t require frequent upkeep the way that wood decks do. 
  • It goes without saying that if you add a deck to your Nashville home, the resale value will increase considerably. Including a deck will reduce the worry of potential buyers building it themselves. Plus, you have a selling point on your listing when you add a deck to your home. 
  • The more you customize your deck, the more value it holds for the future. Consider adding a built-in firepit or creating an outdoor kitchen if you want to soak up with balmy spring weather. This is the part where you can get creative!

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