Tips On Creating The Perfect Guest Bathroom

The holidays are here, which means hosting parties and accommodating guests. While staying true to the style you envisioned for your home is important, it is just as crucial to creating a welcoming atmosphere for your guests. Your guest’s bathroom should include all the appropriate amenities AND be easy to get around in when in a rush. Whether you are setting aside a budget for a new guest bathroom or you’re simply upgrading your existing one, we have some universal tips you can use to ensure that your guests feel at home when they visit!

How Can You Maximize Storage Space In Your Guest Bathroom?

  • Your guest bathroom should be convenient, easy for your guest to access, and comfortable. While you don’t want to set aside too much storage space in a guest bathroom, you still want to create enough room for your guest to move about when getting ready and winding down
  • Having a cavity in your shower to store soap, shampoo, conditioner, and other essentials is key to maximizing storage space in your guest bathroom- after all, you wouldn’t want those items to be misplaced when you need them!
  • Wondering what to do with that wall in the corner? Try mounting a faucet and towel bar to the wall. Open-concept isn’t just limited to the kitchen- a guest bathroom with open spaces can feel light and airy instead of cramped and suffocating. You can even add a large basket underneath the sink to store extra towels. 

What Kinds Of Timeless Tips Can You Implement During A Guest Bathroom Remodel? 

  • You don’t need to go all out for a guest bathroom, but you can certainly make that bathroom presentable with a solid surface countertop and a sturdy under-mount sink. If you have a tight budget, you can use laminate countertops for a sleek finish. 
  • It’s all about the lighting! Allowing for natural light however you can is always a good move- for your eyes and overall health. 
  • Accessorize, but don’t go too crazy as that can lead to clutter which goes against the main idea of creating the perfect guest bathroom: keep it simple!

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