3 Things to Include When Adding a Master Suite

Whether you’re looking to build that master suite you’ve always dreamed of or are considering adding a master suite for your in-laws to move in, there are several high-value features you should contemplate including in your upcoming addition. Master suites are increasingly popular these days. Their spacious nature can help you better meet your wants and needs within your own home if you incorporate elements that will make your current lifestyle easier. 

While you plan exactly how you want to design your new master suite, we invite you to consider including the following three value-adds to your addition.


1. A sitting area or in-room office

Basking in the luxury of your brand new master suite will be that much more enticing and convenient if you include a sitting area and/or an in-room office within its walls. Having your own entertainment system and sitting area complete with a love seat, a fireplace, and space to do yoga in the mornings can create a wonderful haven within your room. It gives you a place with more than just a bed for you to unwind, relax, or spend uninterrupted time focusing on what matters most to you in the quiet confines of your master suite. If you work from home or just want a quiet space for an in-room office where you can write, paint, pay your bills, or work, an in-room office may be just the addition for you. You can switch between your home’s main office and your in-room office to change up the scenery a bit. You may be even more unbothered if you work in your master suite vs. another place in your house.

2. A walk-in closet

There’s no question about it—a large walk-in closet (or ideally, two) are absolute musts for your master suite. The convenience of having lots of space to store your clothing, luggage, or any other miscellaneous items is luxurious. Additionally, walk-in closets with doors securing them keep your belongings out of sight and out of mind when you don’t need to be using anything within them. This decreases the amount of visual clutter in your master suite. Your walk-in closets can be designed however you’d like. Some individuals opt to include islands, shelves, and cubbies within their closets. Others simply like a wire rack or two and maybe even a dresser to hold other items. No matter how you like to organize your closet space, investing in a walk-in closet or two is entirely worth the cost.

3. An ensuite bathroom with two sinks

One of the crowning glories of a master suite is an ensuite bathroom complete with two sinks, two vanities, and a large shower. If you’re a fan of baths, your ensuite bathroom is the perfect place to install a soaking tub or even a jacuzzi. Take your ensuite bathroom up a notch with heated floors and custom lighting unique to your wants and needs. Having lots of mirrors as well for you to get ready in the morning will make your bathroom that much more accommodating for you to groom yourself. Consider having one or even two entrances to your bathroom if it makes it more convenient for you and your partner to use it. And the color and tile scheme is completely up to your discretion. You can make your bathroom bright and colorful or soft and soothing. It is whatever ambiance you prefer when taking a shower or getting ready to face your day. 

Investing in these three features for your master suite will pay dividends in the long run. You’re sure to be delighted with the end result if you customize your suite to your unique lifestyle and desires. 

Are you interested in building a master suite for your home? The Dan Company has years of experience building, remodeling, and renovating homes, including adding master suites for individuals at all ages and different life stages! We’d be more than happy to discuss helping you create a master suite that is personalized for your unique lifestyle. Contact us at (615) 395-6910 to discuss how we can help you create the master suite of your dreams.