Hiring Professionals For Your Nashville Bathroom Renovation

When it comes to a bathroom renovation, you may be teetering on the seesaw of DIY remodeling or professional remodeling. While DIY can be a fun way to pass the time, if you don’t have the time or experience, your DIY bathroom renovation can turn into a money pit very quickly. If you have a larger bathroom, don’t own the proper tools, or have a large-scale remodel that needs to be done, that is your cue to call a professional. Listed below are questions you should ask yourself to determine if you should hire a professional for your Nashville bathroom renovation. 

Are you making significant changes to your Nashville bathroom?

If you’re making massive changes to your bathroom, like replacing your shower or tub, it is better to call a professional. The complex process that involves contracting, plumbing, and tiling experience requires a certain level of installation expertise. 

Are you waterproofing your bathroom?

Preventing mold and mildew growth is a major reason for waterproofing your bathroom. In this case, a plumber will ensure leak-free pipes and an electrician will install an exhaust fan that will reduce moisture – both of which will reduce mold growth. A professional will also secure cracks around the surface and use high-gloss paint to reduce moisture around the surrounding areas. 

Do you have the time to do a DIY bathroom renovation?

If you are carrying out minor fixes like painting the walls or replacing the faucet, it may be better to go the DIY route to save money. But if you have substantial architectural changes you want to make to your bathroom, like installing plumbing and wiring or tiling a shower floor, it may be better to leave that to the experts. If you only have weekends to devote to this project, it will take significantly longer than leaving it to a professional who will work on your bathroom remodel full-time until the project sees the end. Home renovations, in general, won’t be completed overnight, but they will take much less time if handled by a professional. 

What are the licensing requirements in Nashville?

It is better to call a professional contractor for wiring or pipes that need to be replaced, especially if you need a permit. Experienced professionals know the building codes necessary for a large-scale remodel, and most of the time, licensing is required. Hence, it is better to invest in professional help. 

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