Planning Your Screened-in Porch and Deck For Spring!

We may still be in autumn, but it’s never too early to start planning out big projects in advance, especially when those projects end up adding value to your home! Having a screened-in porch and deck lets you mesh the indoors and the outdoors, giving you the best of both worlds. Some common questions may arise during this process which we have answered below.  

Why Is It All In The Details?

Each screen configuration and style has its own set of pros and cons, depending on the porch size. A smaller screen panel is simpler to repair if torn, but its views can be limiting. A larger screen panel has more open sights, but it is more expensive to fix, and it needs a robust support framework. Screen fabric options are also something to consider. Some options to choose from are:

  • High visibility
  • Aluminum
  • Pet-resistant
  • Solar
  • Fiberglass 

Should You Add Color To Your Porch?

Before painting your screened porch and having a deck installed, think about how the exterior paint job will match the theme of your home’s interior. But the color isn’t just limited to the paint. One of the easiest ways to spruce up your porch and deck for spring is to add colorful drapes! It is recommended that you use a galvanized metal plumbing conduit when installing drapery panels around the entire space. 

How Should You Consider The Costs?

The costs depend on how ample your outdoor space is. This includes the lumber for building screen panels, screws, screen fabric, and paint to finish the frames. Deck installations require existing walls and deck posts for attaching screen frames. It goes without saying that when additional construction is a prerequisite, costs increase considerably, especially with roofing requirements over a deck and porch. It is recommended to call on professional help because roofing and framing are not DIY jobs. 

Should You Look Into Permits?

In many circumstances, a permit isn’t a necessary first step so long as you don’t change the framework of your house. It’s still better to be safe than sorry, so verify with your building authority. However, if you have to screen your porch, you’ll most likely need a permit. In this case, you will also need to look into your neighborhood’s additional regulations since a screened porch will affect the outside of your home. 

No matter what your preferences for porches and decks may be, we know outdoor spaces! Our in-house carpenters here at The Dan Company are experts in woodwork and can create a sturdy, comfortable space for you to enjoy the upcoming spring weather. Whether you want a screened porch or a custom deck install, your outdoor living space should be unique to you. We’re here to help you make the most out of your outdoor living space! Contact us today at (615) 395-6910 and let us help you prepare for spring.