How To Enhance Your Historic Nashville Property

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Old is gold, they say, and the same message comes through when preserving historic properties. Having witnessed a city’s cultural history is special, especially in a rapidly growing city like Nashville; going back to your architectural roots can be an excellent way to gain inspiration. There’s always something to learn from history by having a tie to the past through historical properties- that’s why our seasoned professionals at The Dan Company Make it a priority to maintain the authenticity of your historic home while also realizing your home improvement dreams! Who says vintage style and modern times have to be mutually exclusive?

What Is The Importance Of Historical Renovation For The Long-Term?

  • From a practical perspective, there are several reasons why you should preserve your historic property and enhance it to be suitable for the modern day. These reasons can range from gaining higher intrinsic value to the architectural significance of your property. 
  • Before the Second World War, buildings were built with higher quality materials, such as rare hardwoods from forests that no longer exist. Pre-war buildings also had different requirements compared to today. If the building is still in decent condition even in the 21st century, it’s a good bet that it will stand the test of time!
  • Features of a historic building such as drop ceilings and tinted glass are still relevant today to bridge the gap between modern and vintage. If destroyed, all of the intricate details in the property design get lost; instead of demolishing a historic property, the better option would be to enhance it with a few touch-ups without ridding it of its old-time charm. 

What Are Some Creative Ways To Add More Flair To Your Historic Property?

  • Accentuate its unique details! Modern homes don’t possess the kinds of windows or wood-based materials that historic homes do; by leading the eye to these details, your Nashville historic property will stand out from the crowd. 
  • Unlike their historical counterparts, modern homes may have walk-in closets or glass doors that give the illusion of more space. If you want to get the ball rolling on your historic property renovation, a walk-in closet is a great place to start!
  • Kitchen additions can be another way to invest in a historic home upgrade! Historical or not, everyone needs a space to meet with their family and friends to enjoy a good meal, strengthening the bond between loved ones. By adding more space, you’re increasing your Nashville property’s value if you resell in the future. 

At The Dan Company, we take pride in our work because we value integrity and expertise in everything we do. Home remodeling in Nashville is our bread and butter, but we also provide general contracting services and custom craftsmanship. Our goal is to help you realize your home remodeling vision and make it a reality. If you need us this summer, contact us at (615) 891-1572. Summer, winter, spring, or fall, preserving history is timeless.

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