Next Home Addition: Increasing Square Footage

School’s closing for the summer in a week or two, and with the kids home and outdoor workspaces becoming a reality as the weather continues to warm, you may be thinking of building an addition to make better use of your space. Additions are a great way to add value to your home if you sell it in the future, so it may be worthwhile to think about adding something extra to your home- but you have to know what you want to add and come up with a plan! If you wish to add a new game room or expand your porch and deck for backyard get-togethers, the goal is to have a space that means something to you. We have listed below some things to consider when planning for an addition, along with some ways you can increase your Nashville home’s square footage. 

What Should You Keep In Mind When You Are Planning For An Addition?

  • Find out what the zoning regulations are where you live. Understanding the zoning requirements in your area is vital to sell, purchase, or even conduct work on a property, so you want to be familiar with them. 
  • Money matters and we mean this in the best possible way! Budgeting is perhaps the most crucial aspect of a home addition, and you want to ensure you have set aside a budget AND any additional expenses that may be incurred through a new home addition. 
  • Before you reach out to the professionals, discussing the best improvements with a real estate agent may be a good call because they can analyze comparable listings in your area. This can help you determine which additions can add more value to your Nashville home based on other homes in your area. 


What Are Some Ways You Can Increase Your Nashville Home’s Square Footage?

  • Do you have any unfinished rooms in your home? Sometimes, it may be better to build on what you have rather than start something completely new, especially if your budget doesn’t allow it. If you have a basement or a mudroom that needs a few polishes, begin with those improvements first!
  • With the summer sun beckoning you to bask in its glow, you can invest in a sunroom! This room can be a go-to for relaxation and may even reduce the need for electric lights during the summer. 
  • Do you have adult children coming back home from college for the summer? A basement addition can be an excellent option for you! You would still have to keep zoning regulations in mind, especially if you want to make this basement like a live-in suite, but it can be a great way to open up some space. 

If you need guidance on your next home addition, The Dan Company would be happy to assist you! With Nashville growing exponentially, we continue to rise to the occasion by providing high-quality home remodeling and general contracting services. We’ve been specializing in home additions, historic renovations, and more since 2010, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! If you need us while your family home is transitioning from spring to summer, contact us at (615) 891-1572. We’d be happy to make this process as stress-free as possible!