How To Renovate A Historic Property | TDC

There’s much to learn from history, whether inside or outside the classroom. You can learn about the struggles and celebrations that people from all walks of life have experienced from a textbook or physical structures still standing today. The historic homes and buildings still present in society are the closest to living history we can witness, which is why it’s critical to maintain those properties. Well-maintained historic properties aren’t just good for posterity- it is also vital to preserve them since they experience less damage from extreme winds, storms, and in some cases, even small earthquakes! While renovating a historic property involves extra precaution, you’ll find it’s more cost-effective to remodel what’s already there instead of demolishing and starting from scratch.

How Can You Refurbish A Historic Property Without Tarnishing Its Originality?

  • You’ve heard the saying that “less is more,” but this is especially true when maintaining historic properties! Reusing, reducing, and recycling materials often during renovation saves you money, AND your historic property can stay true to its time. 
  • Do a little research on when your historic property was built. This will give you an idea of how neighborhoods have reinvented themselves. From here, you can decide to keep certain styles or do away with some styles entirely. 
  • Does your historic property need repairs? You will benefit from creating a budget just for repairs for your historic Nashville property. Some things to consider when making this specific type of budget include:
  • Seasonal maintenance expenses
  • Past repair costs- history comes into play here as well!
  • Emergency funds

Money Matters: What Can You Do To Increase Your Historic Property’s Value During The Renovation Process?

  • Conserving the unique aspects of your historic property adds to that property’s charm and distinctiveness in the long run. For example, several historic properties have winding staircases which may not always be the most family-friendly option. However, you can make it clear to your general contractors to put safeguards in place when renovating this part of your home. 
  • Keep plaster walls! Aside from the style, you’ll find that they are water resistant and absorb sound easier. Plus, the material takes longer to dry if you choose to replace it, so that in and of itself can be a reason to keep them!
  • While what’s on the inside matters, don’t ignore the exterior design! At a certain point in the future, you may be thinking about reselling your home, and the outside of your historic home makes or breaks potential buyers’ opinions about it. Prioritizing classic features such as the roof shape or window type benefits you down the road. 

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