Ways to Elevate Your Backyard With a New Deck!

Spring is almost here, which means spending more time outside thanks to the balmy weather. And what better way to enjoy the best of spring than a renovated deck in your backyard? With the emergence of remote work, laid-back living is all the rage, and your backyard should reflect that. Whether you want an outdoor workspace this spring and summer or just an area to bask in the rejuvenating spring air, we have a few suggestions you could use to make the most out of your new deck this season!


What Can You Do To Make Your New Deck Pop This Spring? 

  • A fresh coat of paint goes a long way to make your deck pop this season! Spring has always been associated with novelty, so adding paint to the picture can take your deck to another level. Plus, this handy project can guard against unsightly mold and water damage if an antimicrobial formula is used to create that protective barrier. 
  • Consider adding a beverage station to your new deck to make your outdoor space more inviting. A durable shelf with cubbies for cups, glassware, ground coffee, tea bags, and other ingredients to create your favorite beverages is sure to elevate your deck! 
  • Spring is all about bright colors and fresh accents, and there’s no better way to show that than a fun color scheme. Consider replacing old furniture with pastel colors and adding some colorful throw pillows, vases, bowls, and other quirky decor to make your new deck pop this spring. 


How Can You Take Advantage of Your Backyard’s New Deck This Season? 

  • Have you thought about adding a pergola to prepare for the summer sun’s unforgiving rays? This is an excellent option if you’re looking for an open-concept space while still keeping peak sunlight at bay. 
  • Incorporate biophilic elements into your new deck! Biophilia, literally meaning “love of nature,” is becoming a major trend in interior design in recent years. Adding natural elements to your new deck can heighten its relaxing properties and allows you to take a breather and focus on self-care after a long day. Examples of natural materials include bamboo, cork, and sustainable timber in your deck’s design. 
  • A deck addition allows you the extra space to add items that can make an outdoor living space more efficient and worthwhile during the warmer months. Many deck designs also offer storage space underneath (i.e., a shed) for items you can house for later use. 

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