Tips for Adding a Deck Addition to Your Backyard

There’s still about a month left before summer turns into fall, and before the seasons change, it makes sense to want to enjoy the remnants of summer with a backyard deck addition! There are several benefits to adding a deck to your Nashville home, enhancing your quality of living in the long run. With a deck addition, you have a space for entertaining, an outdoor workstation when the weather is still lovely, and value added to your home. No matter your reason, a deck addition is a project like any other, and steps must be taken to ensure the process is smooth sailing. 

What Are The Top Tips For Planning A Deck AdditiOn?

  • Budget is always the number one concern of any homeowner investing in an addition or a remodel. The costs depend on how much outdoor space you have, which includes resources allocated to this project and verifying local building codes should you need a permit. 
  • Consider your backyard’s terrain! While few things are impossible when it comes to deck additions, paying attention to the soil and weather in your area will help you avoid building on sloped landscapes. 
  • What kind of decking material would you want? Pressure-treated wood decking is affordable and customizable, but composite decking affords you the option of easy maintenance and scratch resistance. No answer is right or wrong, but your deck’s look and feel will depend on the materials you use. 


What Are Some Innovative Ways To Give New Life To An Existing Deck?

  • Add some color! Of course, you don’t want to go crazy and paint your deck an out-of-the-box color from the interior of your Nashville home, but adding colorful drapes that go along with your home’s color scheme is a great place to start!
  • Need some shade from the unyielding summer sun? Installing a pergola is a fantastic option! You still get an open concept deck area while shielding yourself from peak sunlight. 
  • Keep it simple by adding a rug for decoration! This can give your outdoor seating area a cozy feel and prevent dirt and debris from being brought inside. 

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