Planning Your 2022 Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen is more than just a place where you cook and eat food; it’s a common area of your home where you get together with your family, host events with your friends, and share a close bond with your loved ones. It’s safe to say that the kitchen is the heart of the home! With such a function comes a huge responsibility- the way you present your kitchen to the world. As lifestyles change and tastes evolve, your kitchen can become outdated and stuffy. Whether you want a complete remodel or some classy finishes, careful planning is necessary to maximize your 2022 kitchen renovation experience. 

Where Do I Start With Planning My Kitchen Renovation? 
  • Ground yourself! With numerous home-improvement products to help refresh your Nashville kitchen, it can be intimidating to know what to choose and where to begin. Thinking about all the reasons why you want to remodel your kitchen (What’s your motivation? What do you hope to gain from this?) and writing your answers down will keep you on the right track.
  • Figure out what kind of kitchen you want! There are many types of kitchens: family kitchens, gourmet kitchens, entertainment kitchens, etc. Assessing your needs can help you determine what kind of kitchen is best for you and your family. 
  • Set a remodeling timeline with project goals! The new year is the perfect time for planning your kitchen renovation. It gives you enough time to figure out your needs and wants, set a budget, do your research, call the right contractors, and get the job done smoothly instead of starting this project in the latter part of the year to get it done before the holidays.
What Are Some Tips To Create A Kitchen That’s Aesthetic and Highly Functional? 
  • Simplistic designs with clean lines are modern and IN! Since you spend most of your time indoors in the kitchen, it makes sense that you would want it to be as stress-free and decluttered as possible. Having less decor may be the answer to providing the relaxing environment you need while cooking food so that there aren’t any accidents in the kitchen!
  • Invest in a butler pantry. You can never have too much storage space, and creating a small room to store non-food items can be a great way to use extra space and increase your kitchen storage. 
  • Consider an island! The kitchen island is very versatile in functionality and can house other components such as a sink or dishwasher. 

Are you thinking of upgrading your kitchen this year? Contact The Dan Company at (615) 395- 6910, and we’ll help you redesign your Nashville kitchen to suit you and your family’s needs! Home remodeling and additions are our specialties, and we’d be happy to create a stylish place for you to get together with family and entertain with friends.